Varsity dance takes fist place at the Oakland County Spirit Championship


The RHS varsity dance team poses with their awards from the Oakland County Spirit Championships

Sydney Bammel

RHS varsity dance coach Katelyn Palazzola cheers as she hears the announcer say “…and fist place for intermediate varsity hip-hop goes to Rochester High School.” The dancers on the team smile as senior Allie Mercer goes up to accept the award.

The RHS varsity dance team spent two to three hours a night the week of Jan.19 to put the finishing touches on the routines they would be performing on Jan. 23 at the Oakland County Spirit Championship.

“To prepare the dance team for the competition we spent a lot of time practicing and perfecting their dances,” Ms. Palazzola said. “However, the most important part of preparing the team for competition is getting them to come together to reach their goals and expectations. They really worked together to achieve such amazing things this past weekend, I couldn’t be any more proud.”

The team placed first in intermediate varsity hip-hop and second place in intermediate varsity pom.

“After the team finished performing hip-hop I was so unbelievably proud of them,” Ms. Palazzola said. “The team put a lot of time and energy into preparing that dance for Crosstown Showdown and the competition this past weekend and they really pulled it off. That first place was very well deserved despite the tough competition. Now we will continue with this momentum and carry this positive energy throughout the rest of the competition season.”

The team is scheduled to perform at several varsity girls and boys basketball games throughout the season and will compete again on Feb. 21 at the Spirit Shine Dance Competition at Durand High School.

“I have the dance team compete in order to give them something to really work towards throughout our long season,” Ms. Palazzola said. “Having the team compete also helps them gain respect from their peers along with the rest of the school and community. This past May, the dance team tryouts that were held was the best turn out that we have seen in a long time. With competitions in the schedule during the season, it will continue to help build up the program in hopes of having the best team possible every year in years to come.”