Try one of these creative winter date ideas

Cara Giles


If one wants to get out of the house during the long winter months,  sledding might be the perfect date idea. This is a fun outdoor activity for anyone willing to brave the cold conditions. This activity is a great bonding experience as people try to go down the hill without flipping.  Sledding is also a good workout because of having to climb back up the hill after sledding down. There are good sledding hills in Spencer Park, Borden Park and around Rochester Hills. Make sure to dress warmly to protect against the risk of frostbite or getting a cold. Sledding can also get messy, so don’t wear anything that one would be upset if they got wet, damaged or accidentally lost.

 Hockey game

A usual date is the movies or a basketball game, so if one was looking for another form of entertainment he or she might look to a local hockey game. It’s a fun alternative to the typical sporting event and a good way to get connected with the local community. However, one should make sure this is a date both their date and them would enjoy since some people don’t enjoy sporting events. There are many options, either The Red Wings or Rochester United. It’s encouraged to wear the spirit wear of the home team, if possible. Otherwise bring a jacket because it can be cold by the ice rink.

Ice Skating

This activity can be very versatile; it can either be an indoor or outdoor activity depending on preference. If one is looking for a more adventurous date he or she can go to an outdoor skating rink in Warren. If one looking for a more local date he or she can always go to an open skate at The Onyx. This can be a very amusing date filled with laughter as people try not to fall on their butts. It is suggested to wear jeans or warm pants for indoor skating. For outdoor skating, be sure to pack a hat, scarf, gloves and anything else necessary to stay warm.

Cookie Decorating

This is a good date if one wants to stay indoors, do something creative and make a sweet snack. This is a fun seasonal activity. One can also give these cookies as gifts to other people. One should probably play music during this to create a fun mood. It’s possible can get pre-made cookies and icing from Gordon’s food service if making them is not an option.  One should wear something that he or she doesn’t want to get icing all over.

Indoor Picnic

Picnics can be a fun date in the summer, but they can be replicated in the winter as well. This shows the guy or girl that one is dating that they are creative and are willing to put in effort to please him or her. This can be a more romantic date or a just a cute date depending on how one goes about it. If one involves candles and roses it will be more romantic versus daisies and a picnic basket. All one has to do is plan a meal and put out a blanket in a nice spot in one’s home.  Wear something respectable.