Meet the Mr. Rochester contestants

The seven chosen for the spotlight


Kristine Hart and Keira Long

The highly anticipated Mr. Rochester contest is coming up fast – on Thursday, Feb. 10 – and you need to be prepared! If you’re struggling to find the right person to vote for, the Talon staff can help you pick your next winner!

Not familiar with Mr. Rochester? Then you have to go to this year’s contest! Mr. Rochester is a fun talent show and more. The Senior candidates have to exhibit their talents in a dance contest, swimsuit competition, and an individual talent contest. All RHS students and staff are welcome to attend this live event.

 This year’s seven candidates are Antonio Abro, Liam Clymer, Omkar Ghodke, Micah Gendich, Tyler Guolla, Skyler Janiszewski and Chirag Mishra. The Talon staff writers interviewed each of them to provide you the information you need to choose the best candidate to vote for. 

Our first interviewee was Antonio Abro. We asked what breed of dog he would be if he could choose one.

“Chihuahuas, because they’re feisty like me,” said Abro. We then asked him what words he would describe himself.

“hilarious, outgoing, and carefree.” He was definitely humorous!

Next we asked Liam Clymer to describe himself in three words,

“charismatic, entertaining, and lovely,” said Clymer. We also asked him how he would ask someone to go to Homecoming with him. He was not a fan of the extravagant and public scene that some guys use, 

“I think it’s stupid to put someone on the spot, so I would ask them individually first, and then if they were okay with that I would make them a sign if they wanted one.” We really liked Clymer’s responses and thought he was really sweet. 

Micah Gendich was asked if he could choose any superpower to have, what would it be? “Magnet man because I would be attracting,” said Gendich. When we asked Gendich what he thought was his biggest accomplishment, He had a very different but also clever response. 

“Being a senior because that’s kind of exclusive.” Gendich was also very nice and easy to talk to.

Then we have Tyler Guolla. We asked Guolla how he would ask a girl to homecoming and his answer was definitely different. 

“I would make a sign that had a flying pig on it,” said Guolla. (Our interpretation: is he thinking the girl would say, “Yeah, when pigs fly?”) We then asked him to describe himself in three words.

 “Outgoing, cool, and fun.” Which was definitely shown in the interview.

Skyler Janiszewski had a lot to say during his interview. When asked how he would ask someone to homecoming,

“I would do it in the most fun, imaginable way possible. If they wanted a poster, I would do a poster, and there would be balloons too. They shouldn’t be disappointed,” said Janiszewski. We also asked him what his biggest accomplishment was currently,

 “I’m most proud of my growth and ability to take criticism, and my ability to change my perspective as much as possible.”  We viewed that as a pretty insightful response. 

Next, we talked with Chirag Mishra. We asked him what dog breed he would be,

 “a pitbull because they’re tough, and I’m tough,” said Mishra. We also asked why people should vote for him.

“Because I’m all about that character, tradition, and achievement.” His answers definitely show his personality as funny and kind. 

Last but not least we talked to Omkar Ghodke. When asked how he would ask someone to homecoming, 

“I would make a poster, get some flowers, and get what she likes,” said Ghodke.

“So if she likes oreos, I’ll get her oreos.” Wow, that’s very thoughtful! We were very curious to see what breed of dog he would be. And his answer did not disappoint. 

“I would be a Poodle,” said Ghodke. “They’re just cute. They’re just cute little animals.”  

There is so much more to come from this amazing group of boys, so you won’t want to miss seeing them live and in-person at this year’s Mr. Rochester contest. Now that you’ve heard from all of our Mr. Rochester candidates, who will you be voting for?