Ski Team Takes to the Slopes

Information about the RHS Ski Team


Claire Benson, Lifestyles Editor

The winter sports season is beginning, and with the promise of a snowy season, Ski Team gears up to take to the slopes. The team is tight-knit and always looking for new members. 

“My favorite part about the team is my teammates,” Senior Robby Shaw said. “It’s just a fun close group of people.”

Both players and the coach, Susie Mackens, agreed that the team has a great sense of community. 

“It is always rewarding to see how each racer’s skill set develops over their time on the team, but I think my favorite part of coaching this team over the years has been the opportunity to work with kids with such a strong sense of community and inclusiveness,” Coach Mackens said. 

The team has already begun meetings and conditioning, but it is not too late to join. Conditioning is held throughout November each Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at RHS from 6:00-7:30 pm. 

“Anyone with a love for skiing is welcome to join the team,” Coach Mackens said.  “It is best if you can ski in control which means turning and stopping at will. Prior racing experience isn’t required but it does help. We are a no-cut sport with opportunities in JV and Varsity teams for both girls and boys athletes.”