Junior class puts on Painting with a Purpose


Kayla Mow, Staff Writer

Painting with a Purpose will take place on Nov. 19 and  Dec. 19th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Rochester High School upper cafeteria. Students will come to decorate ornaments for Veterans and patients with cancer at the Children’s Hospital this holiday season.

The event on Nov. 19 is a smaller version of the big one on Dec. 19. In November, all ornaments made will go to Veterans, and in December, each attendee will be able to take one home and donate the other to kids with cancer. The event in Nov. is free however, the December event costs $5, and students can pay for a ticket during lunch starting after Thanksgiving break.

“Last year Painting with a Purpose was really fun. I thought it was organized and executed very well,” Junior Alyssa Hart said. 

The idea for the event came from multiple different sources, but they all had the intentions of giving back to society during this holiday season.

“The idea has come from trying to give back during the holiday season, and bring some holiday cheer into other people’s lives while doing something upbeat and positive to make students have fun with their friends,” Junior Sophia Cichocki said. 

The reaction from the people receiving the ornaments has been very positive in previous years.

“This is the first year we will be donating to veterans [and the children’s hospital]. Last year we donated to a retirement home and they were so happy and appreciated it so much – they even sent cards thanking us.  We donated over 100 bulbs,” Mr. Chad Zwolinski said.