Losing or having items stolen continues to be problematic


Julia Labban

The school year has only been underway for about a month and a half, and RHS has already had many cases of lost or stolen items. The security team at Rochester gets a close look at cases like these.

“[Some of the things that have gone missing are] athletic supplies, expensive cleats, brand new tennis shoes, iPhones,” Jerry Van Hoet, leader of Safe-Ed for RHS, said. “A couple of school books have been misplaced or stolen.”

The stress of losing an item of importance can really hurt a student, and the security staff see that effect first hand.

“I have children and I know how expensive these items are,” Mr. Van Hoet said.“It’s very traumatic and disappointing when an item of that value is missing.”

Mr. Van Hoet believes that bullying is part of the problem.

“Sometimes it’s retaliation where two people don’t get along,” Mr. Van Hoet said. “They retaliate by messing with their backpack, taking their phone or taking their iPod.”

There are many ways to prevent these instances of lost and stolen items.

“Just be very aware of leaving your belongings, your purses, your backpacks,” Mr. Van Hoet said. “Make sure you lock your cars in the parking lot and don’t give your keys to other students.”

When it comes to students messing with their peers’ belongings, Mr. Van Hoet thinks that students have to watch out for anyone who might try to steal your belongings.

“You can never put your guard down,” Mr. Van Hoet said. “If you have a bad feeling about someone, you need to bring it to the attention of the administration, our staff here. Let someone know so we can get to the matter before the whole situation escalates.”

Students who have lost items can look in the media center.

“Safe-Ed along with the RHS staff have put many items in the lost and found in the media center.” Mr. Van Hoet said.

Mr. Van Hoet thinks preventing theft should be easy.

“You just have to keep track of your belongings so that it doesn’t become an issue.”