Coffee House

Students have unique opportunity to showcase their talents


Elizabeth Bulat, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Erika Bradlee enjoys singing during her free time. However, she is not involved in this activity during the school day, which causes many people to be unaware of her talent. Like Bradlee, there are many students at RHS who have similar interests in music and performing arts, but don’t necessarily pursue them at school. To give all student musicians a chance to exhibit their talents, the senior class ambassadors organized a coffee house event on Dec. 18, complete with live entertainment, art, desserts, and of course, hot chocolate and coffee.

The coffee house event is a new tradition at RHS that encourage students to reveal their talents to their peers.

“A few years ago we decided that we needed a space for students to showcase their artistic talents outside of the school day,” senior class adviser and social studies teacher Mrs. Sarah Miesch said. “Also, lots of kids are talented musically and are not in our music programs at school …we wanted them to have a chance to showcase their talents.”

Another goal of this event is to unite the school community, especially senior students. As the class of 2019’s senior year approaches the end of the semester, this event is another way to ensure that the seniors enjoy their last year at RHS. Though held on a Tuesday night, the senior class ambassadors hoped that they would have a solid turnout for the event from the student body and staff.

“[It is] a fun night for seniors to come together and celebrate the senior class talent,” said Mrs. Meisch. “ [It’s] a chill way to come together that is low pressure and fun. Also a fun night to decorate with lots of twinkle [lights] and have hot chocolate.”

Many student musicians are involved in the RHS music department. However, a significant number of Falcons are unable to participate due to scheduling conflicts or disinterest, but still practice singing or playing an instrument outside of the school setting. This event is structured around those students, giving them an opportunity to show their musical talents to their peers even though they may not be in an RHS band or choir.

“I’m looking forward to seeing some of the kids who may be more reserved at school get on stage,” said senior class ambassador Vincent Guerrieri. “[I want to see] them get put out of their shell and show everyone what they can offer.”

Bradlee signed up to participate at this year’s coffee house, but she is also a member of the senior class ambassadors’ planning committee for the event, so she felt her participation was appropriate in performing. She was going to make her debut during the charity week coffee house last year, but was sick the night of the event. She looked forward to showing off her talent this year after a disappointing missed opportunity last spring.

“I’ve never performed in front of a lot of people,” Bradlee said. “I feel like there are a lot of people you never knew before could do a special talent. People are trying new things, which is cool.”

Senior Shweta Suri signed up to play the piano at this year’s coffee house. She feels that by performing, she is embracing the opportunity and making memories for her senior year. Like Bradlee, she thinks that the event is unique in that all students are welcome to perform, unlike other RHS music and drama department productions where tryouts are present.

“Our class ambassadors work so hard to put [this event] together, but the people who actually sign up to perform are the ones who make the event a real success,” Suri said. “It’s always nice to watch a bunch of people perform and  thought I’d add my own variety, too, by playing the piano.”

The coffee house is an event that unites the school to celebrate the arts and enjoy a night together. This year, the student performances were not restricted to solely musical talents.

“I think this event is important because it’s a perfect opportunity for students to showcase their talents,” Suri said. “What’s even better is that it’s not just singing or playing the piano, but now people are allowed to dance or do stand up comedy which [is] also really cool.”